Our Terms

TermsĀ  & Conditions of Service at iLearn CPR Training Site

1. No refunds. Your payment is good for 30 days; to re-attend a class after missing, cancelling, forgetting, emergency etc. 2. Prepayment by Debit is required for a VIP within 24 hrs of your appointment, unless both has agreed otherwise. 3. You must text, or call, or acknowledge confirmation of appointment prior to arriving to any class. We recommend that you call 1 hour prior, to ensure your class is being held. 4. Please Be kind and understand…although rare, emergencies occur and if any CPR class is cancelled same day, without prior notice, it was a serious matter (ie. legal, health, children/family, car trouble, amongst other) We apologize in advance and will assist however necessary to meet your needs. 5. Voucher Payments from agencies are slow pay and lowest priority of card issuance. Users may not get their card the same day in rare cases, but rather up to 72 hours. 6. We are not liable for any injury, accident, or discomfort from attending our training. You are attending at your own risk. Please notify Trainer if you cannot kneel to floor, or need special accommodations. 7. The student is responsible to know these terms and conditions before using our service.
Terms Updated 6/26/22