Fake CPR Cards Buyer Beware!

Know your CPR Rights! ❌ Buyer Beware!

Disclosure:  Information provided for consumers to make an informed decision

A CPR CARD that  is not issued directly from a nationally accredited agency is a fake CPR Card = Unauthorized, Unaccredited, Unregulated cards are out there!

1)  Fake CPR Certification Cards where the company produces their own styled CPR card.

They are created in house, privately produced and do not contain official, credible national logo

2) The State of Nevada does not recognize or endorse in-house, fake CPR cards. Check SNHD for info on credible CPR programs that the State of NV recognizes.

  American Heart Association trademarked, authentic logo

    EMS Emergency Medical Safety 


   American Red Cross official card or certificate with QR Code

    Military Training Network (M T N)

**** Above list is not all inclusive but are the most popular

CPR Customer Student / Trainee should:

  • Ask to see the card prior to paying for your class, Ask which agency produced the card
  • Understand that a lower price point of $20 to $35 is a clue that the card is self created
  • Just because they include a statement on the card saying “American Heart Guidelines “does not make the card official in any way.
  • Why does my job accept the fake card? Usually they (your job) are driven by low price and assume the fake card is suffice.  They are not following the mandate properly for acceptable CPR programs in their industry.

i LEARN CPR only issues credit cards