Businesses & Groups

Yes! We can do any group or business! Regular CPR or Healthcare BLS

“ON-SITE” 4 PERSONS or more!

🏢 Group / Business / Private On-Site Trainings 

🚩 Immediate CPR Training Service available anywhere! 📞(702) 695-9624 or (702) 762-5414 – Call Today! 📧 E-mail us, or and please indicate 😉 How many Staff attending? 📆 What day & time is good for your staff? 🚘 Where is your business located? 👨‍⚕️ Who is contact person for this training event? ✔Do you need “Medical/Healthcare BLS CPR” for Dental, Medical, Hospice, Plasma, Dialysis Staff, Nursing Students or “Regular CPR AED 1st Aid”❓ Is this a company sponsored event or Out-of-Pocket for each staff? 👍 We are happy to help!  We accept Cash, Check or credit card 📞 Just call (702) 695-9264 or (702) 762-5414, We can get you done fast, effective and fun! ⛑ We have outstanding business references, W-9, Instructor license & Business license! We only require 48 hours advance notice to come to you!   Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

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