Jobs that need CPR

Jobs that need CPR: Security guards, Caregivers, Childcare, Fitness Industry, Union workers, & Healthcare.  We can help, just text us or call (702) 762-5414. Thanks.









Caregivers, Childcare, Labor 872,

May Classes CPR or BLS

Get your CPR Training Card @ iLearnCPR! We have a training site 150 E. Sahara Ave #C3 Las Vegas, NV 89104. Just text us your choice (702) 762-5414, or check out the classes listed online! Thank u.

CPR Class & Card

First Aid/CPR/AED class and card @ iLearn CPR 1500 E. Sahara Ave #C3
Las Vegas, NV 89104 Call us or Text 702/762-5414, happy to help.


 🏥 Effective: 3/24/2022 – CPR Training Class (near Sahara & Maryland)
Now located at 1500 E. Sahara Ave #C3 LV, NV 89104 shows our classes!  
Website: Pay in-person at the class! 

$45 cost for CPR/AED/1st Aid class & card

$65 cost for BLS/CPR/AED/Healthcare Provider class

We are open! Everyday for CPR

We are excited about our new location…come check us out…Stay tuned for our Grand opening event party! iLearnCPR now located @ 4225 S. Eastern Ave Suite #13  Las Vegas, NV 89119. Serving up a fun-filled CPR Training experience! Thank you.

Free CPR

You can attend our CPR class for “learning only” is Free

CPR Certification Cards are issued to paid participants only!

Know Your CPR Rights!

There are FAKE CPR Cards being issued!

CPR Customer Student / Trainee should:

  • Ask to see the card prior to paying for your class, Ask which agency produced the card
  • Understand that a lower price point of $20 to $35 is a clue that the card is self created
  • Just because they include a statement on the card saying “American Heart Guidelines “does not make the card official in any way.
  • Why does my job accept the fake card? Usually they (your job) are driven by low price and assume the fake card is suffice.  They are not following the mandate properly for acceptable CPR programs in their industry.