Perfect CPR Student

We love CPR Customers!  We totally GET you!!!

However!  The “Perfect” CPR student, in a “Perfect world”, would:

A. Arrive just a little early like 8-10 min early! (Not 30-45 min early! lol)

B. Care about your training! Ask questions and create engagement / energy/ education

C. Bring Exact cash payment and make sure you get your receipt

D. Be clean and wash your hands/face upon entry, using restroom in advance

E. Bring prior/last CPR card and Workbook (only if you have – although not required)

F. Dress comfortable, Wear Face Mask, Accept our hand sanitizer & gloves

G. Be open to learn something new, improved or different from your prior knowledge

We are happy to serve you!  Choose Learn CPR for a phenomenal CPR experience!