Buyer Beware of Fake CPR cards!

Θ Buyer Beware!

Disclosure:  This is public information designed for you to make and informed decision 

A CPR CARD that  is not issued directly from a nationally accredited agency is a fake CPR Card.

1) Unauthorized/Unaccredited essentially fake CPR certification card are self made from the independent CPR Company or Trainer.

2)Check if Logo is self designed and not from an approved STATE of NV authorized CPR program

American Heart Association –  trademarked, authentic logo

EMS/HSI official brand (Health & Safety Institute)

American Red Cross official card or certificate with QR Code

Military Training Network (M T N)

Those are the main National programs, but not all inclusive.

**Ask to see the card you will receive before you pay **

  •  A price point of $25 $35 is a clue that the card may not be reputable.
  •  Please know that even if the card has the statement “American Heart  Guidelines” this is not proof that it is a REAL AHA CPR card.
  •  They will assure you that your job accepts the card, because your job does not know any better and has been dealing with the fake cards for so long, they assume its acceptable.
  •  A local CPR company called and requested me to remove this information.  If their cards were credible, they would not be concerned with us bringing light to this matter.