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Business / On-Site Training 

Appointments Available Quickly! Call Denise (702) 762-5414 

Scheduling / Bookings Sunday thru Saturday  7am to 7pm

We do Medical/Healthcare BLS CPR or Regular CPR / AED (Adut & Infant)  1st Aid Trainings

  • Just send us an email inquiry: Mention your Preferred Date & Time of Training 
  • Please state your Group Name/Contact Person/Phone Number/BUSINESS NAME & Address
  • How many persons /staff to be trained?  
  • Do you need Regular CPR /AED & First Aid 
  • or Do you need BLS CPR AED by AHA for Hospital/Healthcare Providers
  • We are happy to help!  We accept cash/check/credit or “out-of-pocket” each student!
  • Call Denise (702) 762-5414, We can get you done fast, effective and fun! References Available.