Reviews: CPR w/Denise

Elizabeth: Great class, 3rd time I’ve taken it and its always great!

Kajuana: It was better than 2 years ago

JoAnn: She has alot of character

Nicole: She was so sweet and really a great instructor!

Cindy: Knowledgeable, passionate about her course

Training CPR Class Jobs w/ CPR

There is enormous opportunity for the job seeker regarding obtaining a CPR card.  Get with us for more information.

Healthcare Patient Transport to MD

Pool Careers (Attendant to Lifeguard)

Fitness & Athletics & Sports

Childcare & Special Ed & CCSD

Elder Care & Senior Services

Leadership Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts

Security & Safety Jobs

Union Construction & Labor


How Avoid Fake CPR Cards

Sadly there are a few Las Vegas CPR companies that create their own styled CPR Cards.

Please know, this is not an authorized card (by the State or National agency they may claim to be in conjunction with).

They are simply fooling you and your company into paying for this simple card they created.

Avoid paying for a knock off card.  Let’s put them out of business.  Ask questions before you pay.

2021 Get CPR Ready

CPR classes available for January and February.  You can get certified with us, Just call or visit our website.

We are happy to help, we love CPR customers.  702-762-5414

We are open! @ i-Learn CPR

Essential Services employees we can help!   

Get certified before stay at home orders!

You need BLS CPR by AHA Renewed! 2 yr Certification!

♥ MD, RN, LPN, Respiratory, EMT, Car e-Givers, Patient care, Dentist staff ♥

Pediatrics, Surgery, Patient Transport, Life Guard, Assisted Living, Elder Care

Come to  use or we can come to you!

Give us a call today! 702-762-5414

Dec. Customer Reviews!!

“Amazing CPR training”  -(Lilia B.) 12/08

“Terrific Program, very helpful”  -(Irenia H) 12/08

“Best CPR trainer” -(Anthony S) 12/08

“Great job, easy to understand!” (Nestor A.) 12/2020